Premier Li visited Ethiopia light rail project

Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council visited Ethiopia Light Rail Project undertaken by five companies at 3:00pm on May 5, who was accompanied by Premier Haier Maryam of Ethiopia. Li Keqiang asked project construction condition in details, and expressed cordial sympathy to employees participating in construction.

Premier Li Keqiang led Chinese government delegation to visit construction site of east-west line No. 2 bridge common rail section in the light rail project in Addis Ababa-Capital of Ethiopia on the same day. He heard case report from Li Changjin- Party Secretary and Chairman of China Railway Group Co., Ltd. in the aspects of design, construction, progress, safety, quality, etc. of Ethiopia Light Rail Project. He checked construction craft of light rail ballastless track, and personally installed and tightened the first bolt in Ethiopian light rail ballastless track test area with Ethiopian Premier Haier Maryam, shook hands and took joint photo with site workers happily and warmly.


When Premier Li knew that Chinese technology is adopted in the project design, construction, equipment and operation, Li Keqiang expressed certainty. He said that we should ensure project quality, create brand of China railway, share railway construction experience and successful Chinese technique with Africa, do well in training with Africa local employees, and further drive local employment.

Li Keqiang pointed out that China and Ethiopia experienced exchange and cooperation for 50 years since new China was founded, and new brilliant chapter was written in both China and Ethiopia. Africans and African countries are glad to cooperate with China fruitfully. They are confident in successful policy of China-a great and friendly country in promoting bilateral cooperation of all fields. Currently, both countries are facing the rare historical opportunity of further deepening cooperation and win-win situation. All Chinese enterprises should control the direction of developing relationship between both parties, they should be based on long-term development and focus on the future, thereby jointly making effort with Ethiopia people, actively promoting construction of 'six major projects', and benefiting Ethiopia people.

Li Keqiang said to construction personnel that we should elaborately construct, ensure progress and quality, and benefit African people for longer term by railway constructed by Chinese enterprise, and we can achieve the purpose of exporting Chinese equipment through cooperation projects one after another, thereby driving more Chinese equipment to international market better, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results. Li Keqiang repeatedly said that this is African highland, oxygen is not enough, you must take good care of yourselves and pay attention to safety, especially the sick employees who must be treated promptly, and the patients should be sent back to China for medical treatment if foreign treatment condition is difficult, and Chinese government is your strong background before he left.


Employees reported to the premier in the construction site. They missed the family members and great motherland. They can chat with family members by Wechat during homesickness. Employees basically adapted to working environment in Ethiopia, and they showed special thanks to the concern from leaders of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on employees. The premier can rest assured that we will carry forward the spirit of 'pioneer', try our best to work, successfully accomplish mission, and complete light rail construction task on schedule at high quality, and strive to create the first name card of 'plateau in East Africa', and win honor for our motherland.