Core idea

Principle of both ability and integrity
Select and use the talents according to the requirements of overall measures and both morality and talent and persist that mediocre person has morality but not talent, base person has talent but not morality. Both morality and talent cannot be neglected.
Principle of “Consequentialism”
We focus on ability but not education and focus on level but not diploma when using talents. As long as you do a good job, do better than others and have extruded performance, we will employ you and entrust you with an important post and do not consider your identity, education and age. We adhere to “consequentialism” of employment mechanism so that a batch of talents possessing morality and talent stand out and become the pillar for enterprise development.
Principle of practice first
As an old saying “check jade’s authenticity after the jade is burned for three days and distinguisha material after the material is used for seven years”, all talents working in Tieke shall work in the production line in the workshop. Later, they shall pass the public examination and we will prefer the excellent.
 Principle of survival of the fittest
We select and use the talents from “praising those who are good at discovering talents” to “choosing those in the race course”. We will reuse talents who do well in work; or else, we will eliminate those who do not do well in work.

Talent management

Start from strategic and organization development to carry out talent management. Make sure to form differentiation management system for different talent groups around Tieke talent team construction to form closed loop management for talent standard, planning, selection, cultivation, use and reservation.
Tiekewill promote staffs in key positions to conduct multi-post, cross-function and cross-industry experience and toughening, constantlyoptimize the matching degree of staff and post, staff and team and staff and organization, perfect talent team structure and level and keep organization passion and vitality.